Productivity platform for freelancers

Track time, send invoices, plan and manage your work

Automatic, effortless time tracking

No more guesswork. Asmi runs in the background, automatically tracking your projects. Your data is completey private and you can also add manual time entries as needed.

Keep an eye on your cash flow

Set monthly goals, visualize your progress and remove uncertainty about your earnings. All types of payments are supported - hourly, weekly, project/milestone based.

Multiple projects? No problem

Stay on track with our project health tracker. Asmi shows you when your are deviating from a project's plan, so that you can course correct on time.

Your week, by the numbers

Plan your projects, get actionable insights on your earnings and how you are spending your week.

Simple client management

Get a quick overview of your clients, pending invoices and track un-billed amounts. Setup follow up reminders make sure you get paid on time.

Spend less time on invoicing

Our seamless invoicing integrates with your project data to send beautiful, branded invoices

And more

Launch price

We have a special offer for our early adopters

$5 Monthly for 1st year
  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited projects
  • Free while in beta
  • Always free for 3 projects


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Built With Launchaco